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We are located in a village crossed by the Vélodyssée and 7 km far from the Vélofrancette, two of the main cycle paths in France.


Both cycle paths run along the canal from Marans to La Rochelle.

  • 20 minutes (7 km) after leaving the Bout des barques (port of Marans), you arrive at a lock. Turn left to go over the bridge and the level crossing, follow the winding road.

  • At the end of  1  km, cross the bridge to the right above the Canal du Curé

  • 500 m further on, turn left, follow the bend to the right

  • 600 m further on, take the road on the right, walk alongside the factory outlets

  • at the end of the road, turn left, direction Brico Dépôt, a water tower can be seen behind

  • go straight at the roundabout, enter in Sérigny, cross the village to the Stop sign.

  • go straight ahead and take the next left.

  • Stop at the red gate on the left, you have arrived.

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